Rear shock upper bolt tool?


Jun 15, 2012
Florida Beach
Well, I went ahead and made the tool. I had a long handled 1/2" closed end distributor wrench that fit nothing I own. Pontiacs use 9/16". I can get way up there and just grab the bolt head from below, then tighten the nut with a long 1/2" socket on an extension from below. I'm still adjusting for the best angle but grabbing the head of the bolt is EZPZ now. I also make sure to only use stainless steel nuts and bolts on stuff like this with lots of anti-seize. I should have done this long ago!!
Yea I see what you're doing, trying to get it from the bottom too. Once you get that end on, should work good.
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Amateur Mechanic
Sep 24, 2020
I had to round-out the holes in the Bilstein shocks with a drill to fit the bolts that came with the UMI shock tower brace. Was one of those situations where the hole was metric and the bolt was a slightly larger SAE. Didn't have trouble running the bolts/nuts on as described (nut on top). Making your own tools is awesome though - bravo.
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