What Did You Do To Your G-Body Today? [2020]


Royal Smart Person
Jun 27, 2017
Pgh, PA
Played with the replacement last night, wanted to get the ol girl runable for today since it is supposed to be nice and hoping to get out with a few friends. I still didn't like how it lined up so I will be playing with it again today but technically it would have worked I think but still wasn't exactly like the other side so didn't want to fire it up until I got it closer



Master Mechanic
May 22, 2017
Indianapolis, In
Well it's been a while since I've had to do anything to the Cutlass since getting it back on the road with the LS swap, but finally started stripping down a set of rust free doors so I can get them body worked, primed and on the car. Also been gathering parts to put in a factory heat only setup. I bit the bullet a couple of weeks ago and bought a forged N crank for the big block and sent everything to the machine shop to get everything correct this time so I'm waiting on my 455 to get back from the machine shop and will get it re assembled, then start blowing the car back apart for all of the upgrades.


G-Body Guru
Sep 18, 2019
this weather,i beat it like it owed me money$$$$$$$$$$$ that girl with me today said she wasn't afraid of cars and liked roller coasters,she lied,pawed all over me to stop :sneaky:save you the trouble of asking,no pics today. (n)😛
You should be glad she drives a Toyota corolla if she drove a Mustang her words would’ve been is this thing floored


Not a d*mn GN
Supporting Member
Nov 24, 2014
Louisville, KY
Took the Cutlass next door to start the tank swap. Got the cell out quick, neighbor got the new mounts welded in, and I sprayed some fresh paint to protect from rust.
Annnnnd then we hit a wall!!! Couldn't get the straps attached for anything. Ended up towing the car up the driveway and back into my garage...good because it was misting rain all damn day!!!!
I fought and fought with these straps. Only thing I can think is they're bent at the wrong spot. I managed to get them attached with 80mm long bolts, but that isn't gonna fly as the straps aren't tight. Got the tank hung enough to move my jack, hook up the fuel lines and wiring. Gonna mess with it tomorrow, but I'm out of steam.


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