monte carlo

  1. jwood1213

    MONTE CARLO Possible 350 swap

    I am currently looking around for a small block 350 to switch out my current 305 with. My dad and I within the past 2 years put in a new carburetor, intake, headers and made the exhaust true dual instead of the factory Y pipe. How much of that would be compatible with a 350? It's also a T-top...
  2. jwood1213

    MONTE CARLO Rim question

    Hello everyone, I'm currently looking for new rims and tires and wanted some advice. I currently have 18 inch chrome IROC replicas that slightly scrape on the frame up front if I turn the wheel completely in both directions. I'm not the biggest fan of the stock rally rims that we have in the...
  3. 7

    ALDL / ECM Location

    I got a 1978 Monte Carlo 2bbl 305. Check engine light has been on & losing power when turning. Cannot seem to find the ALDL or ECM to retrieve code. In need of some guidance my friends
  4. jwood1213

    BUILD THREAD 1988 Monte Carlo SS Frankenstein project

    Here's roughly 3 years of work on a t-top MCSS. We're doing a full restomod, floor, quarters, t-top portion of the roof. The whiter doors came off a different car that had been sitting in a warehouse since the 90's and the trunk panel on the 14th picture was an unused extra that we were told was...
  5. M

    Montencarlo ss

    Hi. From liverpool uk. Got an 86 Monte carlo ss. Was a lovely car but I started to strip it to get it all done. Engine rebuilt and out of car. And front and back bumpers off it. Prob needs a couple of fays to get it back right. And needs paint. Totally solid and rust free. Lovely interior and...
  6. jwood1213

    88 Trunk Interior

    Hi all, I’m in the middle of restoring an 88 SS, and I’m looking to replace the part of the trunk that the lid closes in front of. I’ve heard people call it the rear body panel or the taillight panel. I’ll attach a picture, but I also want to replace the metal lip that is under the trunk‘s...
  7. E

    Just got my '84 Monte

    Always wanted a blue Monte SS, and now I have one. Stock 305, 350 trans, bench seat, column shift. She's a cruiser, not a runner. Much work to be done, replacing most of the interior.....maybe future LS/4L80E swap?
  8. ASharpShark

    New member: Monte Carlo

    Hi all, my name is Jaden and I am a proud owner of my 1982 Monte Carlo. My dad bought this car up in Georgia for himself because my first car was actually a 69' VW Beetle. We sold the beetle cause of the rust issues and the Monte became my new ride. We bought it from the original owner who was a...
  9. Phreaktor

    Can I use El Camino replacement axle back frame rails on a Monte Carlo?

    Found a guy selling the kit for $100 a side, but the EC has two body mounts on the rail and the MC has one. Are they identical otherwise? Can I just cut off the extra body mount if necessary and use the EC rail?
  10. Phreaktor

    Just picked up a clean 82 Monte Carlo for a frame off lowrider build/swap

    What’s up guys? Posting from the Jersey/Philly area. Not sure if there’s any love for low lows here, but that’s what I love and what I’m building. I got the car with 65K original miles for $4000. It’s a great foundation for my plans with minimal rust. While this isn’t my first G (had an 83...
  11. jwood1213

    MONTE CARLO C6 corvette mirrors on ‘84 mc doors

    Hey everyone, I have a 1988 mc ss that I’ve been working on with my dad and had a few questions. The car itself is an ‘88, but it has ‘84 doors (and mirrors) on it. The previous doors were in rough shape and we found a pair that had been in a garage since roughly 1990. I was at a car show...
  12. Johnny Rich

    HELP - Rear intake coolant hose fitting

    i thought a hose was leaking but i knew once a part of the intake came with the hose it was something else. The fitting pretty much crumbled when i sneezed on it. I am stunned. Has anyone ran into this problem before? This car has been a daily driver and hope i can find a sort of-timely way to...
  13. jwood1213

    Dip Stick tube issue

    I just had my oil changed yesterday, and while I was driving home, a loud (louder than the exhaust) ticking noise starting coming from somewhere in the engine bay. When I got home, I narrowed it down to the tube that holds the dip stick. Is this an easy fix to tighten it up, or should I go back...
  14. A

    15x7 rally wheel specifications

    Hello I am interested in putting a set of 15x7 rally wheels on my 85 Monte and am unsure about what backspacing to get. With that being said, I am planning on putting some stock looking tires on it. The only 15x7 rally wheels I can find online have 4.25 inches of backspacing. Will that look and...
  15. G

    Wanted ASAP: upper door wide trim weather strip molding and drip rail

    Hi y’all , I’m looking for the wide chrome molding that holds the exterior window felt/weatherstrip and also the drip rail trim for my 1986 Monte Carlo
  16. BlacksheepMC

    1980 Monte Carlo header panel helo

    Is this the correct grill and head light assembly for 1980 Monte Carlo? if not what header panels do I need? Any information regarding this please post a reply your help is appreciated
  17. jwood1213

    Monte console upgrade

    I was thinking of changing out the factory console for one out of an F-body camaro/trans am, does anyone know the fabrication required to make it work?
  18. M

    HELP Air condition line on ‘84 Monte

    I’m currently in the process of hooking everything back up after my recent engine/ transmission swap. I’m using all the stock A/C parts, but when taking everything apart I broke the line going from the condenser to the evaporator. I can’t seem to find a replacement ANYWHERE! If anybody knows a part...
  19. M

    87 Monte Carlo LS

    Hey there. I'm making a thread for a build of my first car I started 2 years ago. I got an 87 Monte Carlo LS. Speaking of myself, I'm a 17 year old out from Minnesota. I'm Enlisted in the National Guard with an MOS of Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic. ( will do an update with pictures) I got for I...
  20. Offthecuh

    Turn Signals dont work with headlights on

    I have a 86 monte carlo base and when i turn on the headlights the turn signals stop working , ive replaced the turn signal relay and turn signal switch, any help is appreciated!

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