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    78 monte carlo
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    1986 Monte Carlo LS $7000 - Los Angeles, CA

    Daily Driver Black w. blue velour interior manual windows and seats 152k miles Just had the top end of the 305 rebuilt resprayed black 1 yr ago 22" black and silver I-Rocs just smogged and registered through 2/20
  3. door welcome light

    door welcome light

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  6. H33ZY

    MONTE CARLO My 79 - Germany Guy (lots of pics)

    Hey Folks .. though i introduce myself again with some more pictures of my 79 Monte Carlo .. My name is Henry and i´m from Germany ;) I bought the Monte in April 2016 from a guy in Austria. The Monte was Build in Ontario and than shipped to Austria right away. I´m the 3rd owner now and it has...
  7. 1980 Chevy Monte Carlo

    1980 Chevy Monte Carlo

    1980 Chevy Monte Carlo
  8. Mike Geepers

    GN Rear end

    Hello forum, I have a chance to buy a GN rear end in my area. My car is a 78 MC with a rebuilt 305 and edelbrock top. Th200 trans, nothing special but it shifts good (eventually want a 700r4 conversion) The rear end is listed as a GN posi rear end with 3.42 gears and aluminum drums. It looks...
  9. 84 hennesymonte

    brake booster hose 84 monte carlo

    when i replace the engine in my 84 monte carlo i do not have a brake booster vacuum hose anymore so i need to replace it but where do it connect to? i also have a thicker tube coming from the back of my carb which is a holley 650 where can i purchase this tube and what will be the best thing...
  10. TrafficKing

    No power to taillight fuse

    Hello all, I usually can figure most things out in life but this has me stumped and no lie electrical isn't my thing. I have just bought a 87 MC SS and after towing it home and installing a new battery she fired up, the starter missed two times before it caught, so I've already purchased a new...
  11. Luis Rocha

    Greetings from Ecuador.

    Hi everybody, I am new to the forum, I am writting back from Ecuador, south America, I have just bought a 1979 monte carlo t-top in a very bad shape and I want to rebuild it.
  12. S

    Another 78 monte question about front lower A-arm bushings

    When installing an A-arm the front bushing fits snug in the bracket but the rear bushing has about a 1/4 gap in it. Basically,Is it supposed to have a gap in it and supported by the front or is there supposed to be spacers in the back bushing?
  13. S

    78 Monte Carlo F-41 suspension question.....

    Hi everyone!! Just made this account. So nice to see that there is so many other people out there with the passion to rebuild these cars. Let me give you all some background about what we have going on. So my dad and I have been buying, selling, rebuilding corvettes for what seems like a...
  14. A

    Engine mount advice 1986 monte carlo LS

    So I've went ahead and bought my brand new performance chevy 350 from GM Performance, and...
  15. B

    Monte Carlo aerocoupe manual swap

    hi everyone, looking to do a manual swap on my car, and found this kit. Has anyone ever used it? What else do I need in this kit other than a transmission? Thank you.
  16. B

    350 vortec swap in my monte carlo aerocoupe

    Hi everyone, I picked up my 87 aerocoupe from a friends back yard a few months ago, and put new battery belts etc on it. Long story short the engine is seized and I'm looking for a 350 4 bolt for it. I found a 350 vortec block, and was wondering if there was any difference between the regular...
  17. oldmansmonte

    2004r Fluid level

    After having done some work on my transmission earlier this spring, I checked my fluid level when hot and it seemed to be in range. Just for kicks the other day I checked it cold and it was clearly way above the top full line. I know some recommend these trannies by slightly overfilled due to...
  18. oldmansmonte

    Monte Carlo Breadbox - Switch and gauge ideas. - Complete

    So guys I have a column shift bench seat car and I want a clean way to add about three toggle switches for the car(TC lockup, fans, other) and possibly a gauge or two. I was wondering if I bought a repro breadbox for the early SS if that would be cleanly mounted to a non center console car...
  19. oldmansmonte

    So what does this thing do in the 200r4?

    So I pulled my pan in my 200r4 so I could start fixing the problems noted here: And when I pulled the pan I heard '" tink, tink". Never a good sign since I had all of the pan bolts accounted for...
  20. oxide80

    CCC Closed loop oddity and questions

    So Ive been messing with the 87 442 off and on through the winter, I had a feeling when I bought it that the car has a few electrical gremlins... Upon purchase the check Engine light was on... I didn't have my dx tools with me, but figured it was nothing major and took a gamble... Found out the...

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