monte carlo

  1. fluffythree

    HELP - Rear intake coolant hose fitting

    i thought a hose was leaking but i knew once a part of the intake came with the hose it was something else. The fitting pretty much crumbled when i sneezed on it. I am stunned. Has anyone ran into this problem before? This car has been a daily driver and hope i can find a sort of-timely way to...
  2. jwood1213

    Dip Stick tube issue

    I just had my oil changed yesterday, and while I was driving home, a loud (louder than the exhaust) ticking noise starting coming from somewhere in the engine bay. When I got home, I narrowed it down to the tube that holds the dip stick. Is this an easy fix to tighten it up, or should I go back...
  3. A

    15x7 rally wheel specifications

    Hello I am interested in putting a set of 15x7 rally wheels on my 85 Monte and am unsure about what backspacing to get. With that being said, I am planning on putting some stock looking tires on it. The only 15x7 rally wheels I can find online have 4.25 inches of backspacing. Will that look and...
  4. G

    Wanted ASAP: upper door wide trim weather strip molding and drip rail

    Hi y’all , I’m looking for the wide chrome molding that holds the exterior window felt/weatherstrip and also the drip rail trim for my 1986 Monte Carlo
  5. BlacksheepMC

    1980 Monte Carlo header panel helo

    Is this the correct grill and head light assembly for 1980 Monte Carlo? if not what header panels do I need? Any information regarding this please post a reply your help is appreciated
  6. MJScarangella

    amateur mechanic - 1984 base MC gets 5.3L/4L60e

    I've been asking a lot of questions on this site and lurking for a year. I was too lazy to work hard to save money to do this in high school like my friends did. It's a good thing I waited because the technology got a lot better over the last 30 years. I got $10,000 worth of parts going into...
  7. jwood1213

    Monte console upgrade

    I was thinking of changing out the factory console for one out of an F-body camaro/trans am, does anyone know the fabrication required to make it work?
  8. M

    HELP Air condition line on ‘84 Monte

    I’m currently in the process of hooking everything back up after my recent engine/ transmission swap. I’m using all the stock A/C parts, but when taking everything apart I broke the line going from the condenser to the evaporator. I can’t seem to find a replacement ANYWHERE! If anybody knows a part...
  9. M

    87 Monte Carlo LS

    Hey there. I'm making a thread for a build of my first car I started 2 years ago. I got an 87 Monte Carlo LS. Speaking of myself, I'm a 17 year old out from Minnesota. I'm Enlisted in the National Guard with an MOS of Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic. ( will do an update with pictures) I got for I...
  10. Offthecuh

    Turn Signals dont work with headlights on

    I have a 86 monte carlo base and when i turn on the headlights the turn signals stop working , ive replaced the turn signal relay and turn signal switch, any help is appreciated!
  11. Offthecuh

    Parasite in my 86 Monte

    Im not really knowledgeable when it comes to electrical, so any info would help. I picked up a 86 base monte carlo and the previous owner warned me a out an electrical draw that kills the battery, after testing fuses i noticed the Ignition fuse was broken, i tried putting in another fuse to...
  12. Offthecuh

    Cant find a base monte front turn signal lamp!

    picked up a 86 base monte carlo awhile back and cant find a passenger front turn signal lamp for the life of me! anyone know where i can find one or maybe any other models that might fit aswell?
  13. MakeMineaMonte

    MONTE CARLO Help me figure out this body!

    '86 Monte Carlo LS is what this car SHOULD be, but wtf is going on with my body panels? Things were switched/replaced at some point and I want to get it all matching one way or another so that I can do the needed body work and paint. The fenders aren't matching. I don't think either are original...
  14. jwood1213

    MONTE CARLO Installing b&m automatic shifter knob

    I just bought a b&m shifter knob, along with a boot and boot plate. I realized the handle doesn't have a button on it, and obviously the factory one does. Is there a type of bushing or something else I could use to allow the whole handle to move down and act as a button? I assume I'd just...
  15. 87Cuts

    Im new, I paint and do bodywork

    Hello to all I got me an 87 Cutty project yesterday. It’s going to need some patch panels welded in due to the vinyl top and I’m going to be doing a tuneup on her soon. I plan to take her down to metal and restore her myself and paint her black (WA8555) like I painted this Monte Carlo for...
  16. G

    Rear Disc Brake Conversion - Issues

    Hello all. Need help. I recently purchased and had a local shop install all new brake system (minus hard lines). Since getting the car back I have driven the car to and from my home and shop/smog test which is not more than 2 miles each way. Reason: About 1 mile into these drives the brakes stay...
  17. IMG_20160816_133135.jpg


    Project chicks
  18. M

    Rough Idle 267 4.4L V8

    My 1981 Chevy Monte Carlo has been running very rough when idling. When I put it in drive it gets a lot worse, but at high rpm it is smooth. I’ve just replaced all of the spark plugs yesterday and it was running smoother than ever. The engine has 72,000km on it and has brand new oil, air and...
  19. M

    1981 2 Door Landau

    Hi there, New to the forum here, just inherited my grandfathers 1981 Monte Carlo Landau with only 70,000km on it and am looking for some advice on some of the issues I’m having on it; My driver-side window motor will need to be replaced, both heater hoses are routed incorrectly (see photos...
  20. S

    1986 monte carlo. New project

    As found. Looks like a 90s build for sure. I learned how to drive in a 83 grand prix. Lots of guys in high school drove G body cars like cutlass, malibu, regal etc. This car was originally black with red interior, 305 4spd auto with AC and cruise. History shows that the 3rd owner did the...

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