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  1. smokybob

    78 Monte carlo Dash options??

    Dixie makes a brand new 81 dash. My question is, will the 81 dash fit in the 78? Does anyone know if this is possible? Finding a dash is proving hard.
  2. A

    Am I crazy for wanting to buy this 83 Monte Carlo SS??

    Ok, so I've always wanted to buy an 80s muscle car (Foxbody, IROC, Monte Carlo, etc) and just build a comfy cruiser with enough power to keep me excited. Maybe like 300 whp? Now my background... I'm a 17 year old who's pretty new to the car scene but have worked on his own cars. Here's the...
  3. B

    Wiring problems!

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, also new to car ownership in general. I have an 1984 Monte Carlo, it had the 3.8, we thought it was blown therefore we put a 305 with a 350th in it. It did take a while to get in after numerous motor mount problems, then cross member problems but it finally got in. My...
  4. smokybob

    BUILD THREAD 78 Monte Carlo "Infidel"

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and this will be my second build. My first was a 63 Impala that i didn't get to finish. Had to sell it when the housing bubble blew up in 08. Im a disabled vet with PTSD, working on cars is therapeutic for me. I hope that explains why i chose this car. It needs...
  5. RegMan79

    Th350 or th350C?

    Did the 79 Monte with factory 305 come with the Th350 or th350C? The C was with a converter from what I hear. Trying to order a TG shift kit. Thanks
  6. 86montecarlowinnipeg

    Basset Wheels

    Anyone else have basset DOT legal wheels on their g body? I want to put a set with new tires on my monte carlo. Does anyone know the largest size i can use without causing rubbing and interference with the suspension? These are the kind i'm talking about in the 15" size.
  7. RegMan79

    Edelbrock EPS. Worth it?

    Hey all, I got a 79 Monte stock 305, th350, 273 gears (possibly going to 3.73 soon). I found an edelbrock performer EPS for really cheap. Would this fit? Would it work with or with out emissions issues? Would it even be worth the effort?
  8. RegMan79

    New dual exhaust/emissions questions

    Hey everyone, got a 79 Monte, I'm thinking of ordering a new duel exhaust and headers kit from jegs. It's a bolt on deal set up. My only issue is I live in an emissions city and my car has a cat on it. The kit has no cats and not finding one that comes with them. I don't really want them anyway...
  9. RegMan79

    79 Monte street beast

    Hey all! Some what new here. Any way, 79 Monte all stock 305 with th350 tran. Runs good but not hard!! Interior is a mess but the body is pretty straight. Originally I was think street /strip build but I will hardly be seeing the strip for a while. So I just want to have a quick street car for...
  10. RegMan79

    New member to gbf. 79 monte project?

    Hey guys new to the forum. I wanted to drop a line and say hello. I have a 79 Monte Carlo and I was wondering where it Post my project. Thanks
  11. Boy1duh

    Old school engines vs ls swap debate!!

    I'm just so confused I had my mind set on a ls swap had the engine and trans within a stone throw but got cold feet cause I'm so traditional I'm looking for healthy debate to help me make a decision on old school or ls I've done research and torn I'm not racing looking to make a daily driver I...
  12. Boy1duh

    87 mc ls swap

    I've read a lot of great threads about this and really its beating a dead horse but I'm new to this and not building the car myself I just have a few questions what's the cheapest u can do a swap to labor should I stay in my lane and stick to old school 350's would that be cheaper I'm trying to...
  13. Tim benigno

    now the frigging started went.

  14. Alex Benigno

    Squeaking Noise From Dash?? 86 Monte FIX?

    Since the new motor, dash or windshield has been making a squeaking noise. Usually a bump triggers the noise. Any suggestions on what exactly it is? where its coming from? or how to fix? thanks
  15. Tim benigno

    dont forget about the tunes!!

  16. Tim benigno

    interior shots

  17. Tim benigno

    86 monte carlo ss for my son's 17th bday.

  18. E

    1986 monte carlo ls 00-07 vortec swap clearance

    Hi i have a 1986 monte carlo ls with a stock v6 and i had wanted to put either a 5.3 or 6.0 vortec off a chevy truck or a escalade and was wondering if the vortec's intake manifold clear the luxury sport stock hood
  19. Petrocellie

    Winter Build hell and suggestions

    What's going on guys, I'm starting my winter build. I've got a 350 I'm building to a 383 to put in my 82 Monte. With the 350 I ran 2.5 inch single exhaust. With the 383 I want to run 2.5 dual exhaust with Pypes x Pipe. Can I do this without getting the double humb crossmember. I'm on a tight...
  20. IMG_20150606_221250


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