1. GP403

    Mexican Monte Carlo SS Redux

    Cruising the YouTubes this morning and this pops up. I'm like, "I wonder...." and while I don't speak any spanish past si and carne asada... holy sh*t, here's one in the flesh Chrome mirrors, Pontiac dash, dana rear end (but looks like they replace it with a standard 7.5" ??) , checkerboard...
  2. MakeMineaMonte

    MONTE CARLO Help me figure out this body!

    '86 Monte Carlo LS is what this car SHOULD be, but wtf is going on with my body panels? Things were switched/replaced at some point and I want to get it all matching one way or another so that I can do the needed body work and paint. The fenders aren't matching. I don't think either are original...
  3. tremayne0126

    NEW USER 1987 Monte Carlo SS T-Top NEED HELP

    Finally bought the car of my dreams even though i owned a 2012 Camaro, The nostalgia alone tops that car. car seems 100% perfect except The T-top Roof Header Panel is completely rusted out I brought this part brand new but all body shops are saying the rust is under that also and...
  4. David Durbin

    87 monte with donor c4 Corvette

    Hey I'm new to this group .but I've had my monte for over 20 years.i also have a donor c4 corvette that I'm taking the lt1 motor out of it's built to about 500 hp. I was wondering what other parts I can use from the vette? The trans is toast on the vette. Thank you in advance for any info
  5. Built6spdMCSS

    Cam Swap

    I recently swapped in a Thunder Racing Cam in my SS. I have it set where I'm happy with it, I launched it hard a few times and could smell the clutch so it's definitely making power. I'm probably at the limits of the LS7 Clutch in it.
  6. S

    Another 78 monte question about front lower A-arm bushings

    When installing an A-arm the front bushing fits snug in the bracket but the rear bushing has about a 1/4 gap in it. Basically,Is it supposed to have a gap in it and supported by the front or is there supposed to be spacers in the back bushing?
  7. S

    78 Monte Carlo F-41 suspension question.....

    Hi everyone!! Just made this account. So nice to see that there is so many other people out there with the passion to rebuild these cars. Let me give you all some background about what we have going on. So my dad and I have been buying, selling, rebuilding corvettes for what seems like a...
  8. T

    84 monte steering issues. please help

    hello, so i have a 1984 Monte Carlo that i picked up about a year ago. came factory with the 305ci motor, a/c, heater... you know all the fun stuff. since then i have stuffed a built 350ci and th350 trans in it. removed the a/c, heater, all the non essentials.( this car is a strictly summer...
  9. slowestmonte

    Putting 04-08 GP console/shifter in 88 Monte?

    Hey guys, I just put a set of 84 SS buckets into my originally bench seat column shift 88 Monte LS. I'm thinking about getting a console out of a newer Grand Prix, as I've seen them on here a few times before and I think they look real nice if done correctly. I know I'll have to fabricate a...
  10. S

    Does a 1987 monte carlo chassis match a 1985 el camino

    Hey guys, I have a 1985 el Camino Lowrider. The chassis is twisted and need to replace it with a reinforced. I found a gentlemen selling one off of a 1987 Monte. I am aware that they are both gbody but I heard that it may not match. Would anyone have any information on the difference or if it...
  11. smokybob

    BUILD THREAD 78 Monte Carlo "Infidel"

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and this will be my second build. My first was a 63 Impala that i didn't get to finish. Had to sell it when the housing bubble blew up in 08. Im a disabled vet with PTSD, working on cars is therapeutic for me. I hope that explains why i chose this car. It needs...
  12. Built6spdMCSS

    Couple pics

    I have a buddy who is a professional photographer, a few of us went out this weekend and took some pics, did some cruising. Here are a couple pics of my SS..haters gonna hate
  13. Built6spdMCSS

    Idle vid

    Someone asked me for a vid so I uploaded one that I have, found a tunnel to get an idle in and have some nice sound.
  14. Built6spdMCSS

    Spent some time detailing...

    Earlier today I detailed the engine bay in my SS. I pulled the Brake Booster, took apart the Heater Box, then painted the Brake Booster, Heater Box, and the Fire Wall, all with the Engine in the car. The next time I pull the Engine, which hopefully wont be for a while, I'll do the whole Fire...
  15. Built6spdMCSS

    Little interior pic

    I put my original Door Straps back on earlier, I was missing the end pieces, found them in a box the other day, I had bought them 4 years ago and forgot where I put them lol.
  16. Built6spdMCSS

    T56 6spd Manual Transmission install into a Gbody

    Someone asked me if there was info about this so I figure this would help some people out. Putting a T56 6spd into a Gbody is pretty simple and straighforward, not much to it, just like installing any other Transmission pretty much. It's good to start with getting all the parts: T56 6spd...
  17. Built6spdMCSS

    Electronic Speedo Conversion PIC HEAVY!!!!!!!

    I recently aquired the gauge cluster from a 1988 Monte Carlo SS. It was in really good condition, just needed to be cleaned up. My original one from my SS was cracked and broken so I had to take it out of the car. I converted it over to an electronic speedo using a 1990 K5 Blazer Gauge with the...
  18. RegMan79

    New member to gbf. 79 monte project?

    Hey guys new to the forum. I wanted to drop a line and say hello. I have a 79 Monte Carlo and I was wondering where it Post my project. Thanks
  19. liquidh8

    2003 Monte SS seats in G-body

    I have searched some old threads, and even looked over at, but no real pictures. Here's the deal, I have a 2003 Monte SS High Sport that just turned into a parts car, for the better shape 2003 Monte SS High sport I just bought. This is my daughters car. Anyway, I kinda dig the...

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