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  1. CaliWagon83

    Famous! In Japan

    Wanted to keep this on the DL until it was official, but now that the issue is out, thought I’d share my feature in Daytona magazine, a Japanese classic car and lifestyle magazine.
  2. CaliWagon83’s ‘83 Buick Regal Wagon at South OC Cars & Coffee

    CaliWagon83’s ‘83 Buick Regal Wagon at South OC Cars & Coffee

    CaliWagon83’s ‘83 Buick Regal Wagon at South OC Cars & Coffee
  3. CaliWagon83’s ‘83 Buick Regal Wagon at South OC Cars & Coffee

    CaliWagon83’s ‘83 Buick Regal Wagon at South OC Cars & Coffee

    CaliWagon83’s ‘83 Buick Regal Wagon at South OC Cars & Coffee
  4. CaliWagon83

    Going to Cars & Coffee San Clemente 2/16/19

    Plan on bringing “Miss Piggy” to Cars & Coffee San Clemente this weekend. If you’re in the area, please stop by and say howdy!
  5. CaliWagon83

    REGAL Wagon photo from early '90s

    Hi guys. Went digging through some old family photos while visiting with mom, and found this gem from when I went on the cross-country road trip from California to Tennessee when I was about 14. If you look carefully, a much skinnier me with glasses and a full head of hair is in the back seat...
  6. CaliWagon83's Regal Road Trip Photo

    CaliWagon83's Regal Road Trip Photo

    CaliWagon83's Regal Road Trip Photo
  7. CaliWagon83

    REGAL Question: Missing rear tri-shield?

    Hi guys! As I've mentioned before, the wagon has been in a minor collision, and the vinyl was re-wrapped. I've noticed the re-assembly was half-hearted to say the least. Not only is it missing the center side spear molding, but I think it may be missing a rear tri-shield logo from the back. I've...
  8. CaliWagon83

    Third brake light ideas for Wagons/El Caminos?

    So I found a few closed threads here showing third brake lights for Elco's. I was wondering if any of you that had wagons have either installed or were thinking of third brake lights. I know some of you are going "Why?" as the fact that they weren't required new, why mess with putting them in...
  9. CaliWagon83

    REGAL Thank you so much!

    I just wanted to thank the GBF community for your support and help with my wagon project! I'd especially like to thank oldsmobile joe, ck80, crazy'boutOlds and L.A.X-RATED for helping me find parts. You guys are the best! I really hope I don't disappoint you guys when I finally get the wagon...
  10. CaliWagon83

    Anyone Making Trip to Rohner's in MN soon?

    So I reached out to Rohner's Auto Parts in Willmar, Minnesota (west of Minneapolis/St. Paul) on the recommendation of some forum members to inquire about front fender moldings for my wagon. They did reply, and said they had "plenty of G-Bodies" but didn't give me a specific yes or no on the...
  11. CaliWagon83

    Cheap, Canadian Big Block Regal Wagon

    Found this on YouTube. Enjoy.
  12. CaliWagon83

    Call for better parts support for wagons from vendors

    I don't want to come across as a whiner, but please indulge my brief rant/plea to the aftermarket to improve support for G-Body wagons. I know they're a much smaller market than the coupes, so from an economics/business perspective, I understand why the coupes get the lion's share of attention...
  13. CaliWagon83

    Minor Cancer found, should I be concerned?

    As immaculate as my wagon looks on the surface, it’s not without its flaws, and I found one the other day while installing the new rear glass struts. By the looks of things, it’s pretty superficial, and hopefully can be sanded & sealed. Anyone else seen something similar, and did it get worse...
  14. CaliWagon83

    New Photos of CaliWagon83’s ‘83 Regal Estate

    Hi Guys! As promised, new photos of the wagon. Check out the gallery!
  15. CaliWagon83

    Monziac still active on GBF?

    Does anyone know if Monziac is still active on the forums? I stumbled across an old thread that had some photos of a coupe nose conversion on a Regal wagon, and I had some questions. If you know of anyone else that has done this, would be interested in talking to them, too. Thanks.
  16. CaliWagon83

    Woody Beach Cruiser or Grand National?

    Hi guys. I know I've brought this up before, but this is turning out to be a major existential crisis for me. For the longest time, I had the dream of creating a Grand National-style wagon with a dark, moody paintjob, totally de-chromed, coupe-style front end, etc. I still like the look and idea...
  17. CaliWagon83

    Teenage Trauma...Cross Country Road Trip with Mom & Aunts!

    So my G-body tale is this. My mom bought an '83 Regal wagon new in Northern California. It was driven and used as her daily driver until 1990, when she bought a Century sedan. At the time, my father was doing a lot of business in Knoxville, Tennessee as a developer. We had a townhouse back there...
  18. CaliWagon83

    CaliWagon83's Consolidated Question/Tech/Update thread

    Hi All! I'm about to inherit an '83 Regal wagon that's been in the family since new. Right now it's in Tennessee, but will soon make its way back out to the Left Coast. It's pretty clean and relatively low-miles (I think about 63k right now). It's that ubiquitous baby blue metallic with...

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