1. R

    Sputtering when flooring it

    Hello and thanks in advance! I have slowly been learning and building a 78 el camino, with a abc 350/th350. I managed to get the engine running and finally took it out on the road. At first take off car felt fine but when I floored the gas the car begins to sputter and feels sluggish. On idle...
  2. G

    E-85 question

    I have been wanting to convert my g body to e-85 for some time now and was wondering if anyone here has experience with converting a Holley 4150 to e-85. I have the appropriate fuel lines and plenty of flow, but do I have to change out metering blocks? The engine is a very mild 350 sbc
  3. pretentious_pontiac

    Old School SBC Help!

    Alright so I bought my second Grand Prix awhile ago and always thought it just had a SBC 350 with some tasteful mods ( that's what I was told from the guy I bought it from but the guy who built it passed away). But the other day I was letting it warm up and I was looking around and noticed the...
  4. T

    Truck Bellhousing and Muncie M20

    Ok guys, I’m new here hoping to get an answer that seems to be plaguing us for some time now in a few ways. I will list the current setup below. - V6 Malibu converted to a sbc 350 and Muncie M20 - truck bellhousing is attached to the engine (#460486) - 168 - tooth flywheel - 11” clutch Current...
  5. 78_Monte970

    350 head identification

    Hi folks! i have a mildly built 350 from 74 or 75 in my monte and i am trying to figure out what heads are on it. I looked for the signature double hump of performance sbc heads but instead there is a recessed groove where the double hump or other marking would be. The only numbers i could see...
  6. oldmansmonte

    Valve lash adjustment question sbc

    I'm attempting to adjust the valve lash on my gm crate 350 ho with hydraulic lifters and flat tappet cam. When tightening the hut on the rocker arm(before setting pre-load) do I tighten the nut until the push stops spinning? Or just till it starts to feel some resistance? thanks in advance
  7. CaliWagon83

    Cost difference: SBC vs. 3.8 turbo?

    Hi all. Just doing some initial exploration and research on powertrain options for my ‘83 Regal wagon. If possible and reasonably within budget, I’d like to keep it a V-6, since that was kind of Buick’s trademark in the ‘80s. How expensive/difficult is it to still get parts or engines for Grand...
  8. Gears And Circuits

    Adjust gas pedal (Solved)

    I have a few ideas but I need a little advice. Currently the stock pedal hits the trans tunnel and prevents the carb from opening all the way. I can only get the engine to reach 3k rpm. Would it be better to cut the bottom off the pedal or move the pedal away from the firewall? For reference I...
  9. 8

    Coolant in cylinders

    So I pulled the heads off my 305 and there is rusty water/coolant in cylinders 1, 3, 5, 7, and 8. The gaskets look fine so it doesn't seem like it would have leaked throught the gaskets. What would cause this? Also when I took spark plug number 5 and 7 out a decent amount of water dumed out. Any...
  10. 406 Monte

    Confused with my cylinder heads

    So yesterday I pulled out my sportsman II heads that have been stashed away for 8 yrs. They were on my 406 circle track engine and I'm hoping to get them ready to go on the 406 I'm building for the Monte. So I had one on the bench looking it over and notice NO steam holes and I'm thinking WTF...
  11. B

    Fender Exit Headers Help!

    im looking to make fender exit headers for my 85 grand prix. was wondering how any of you guys have done it or had it done, the more pictures i can look at the better, and what brand kits or what companies you guys prefer. i can probably squeeze them in without doing a major notch to the...
  12. B

    3.8 to SBC oil pan?

    i bought a 79 Regal roller for $300 and its all starting to come together. Was a 3.8 at some point, im trying to figure out if i need to buy a new oil pan or not for a SBC swap. I have a pan from a 1970 truck i think, its a rear sump and all the swap specific pans ive seen are rear sump. What do...
  13. B

    Motor help

    Hello I'm Dakota, I own a 85 el Camino currently has a 4.3l v6. I searched around for a motor and found this "l69????" 305. The guy had a 84 el Camino at his house and said it came out of it. And he said he pulled it out at 110k. Anyway I was able to pick it up for only $200 off of him. I...
  14. SoFloG

    "Unofficial 88 Cutlass build thread"

    Just threw some wheels on figured I'd pull it out in the sun and snap a few pictures. Comments, criticism, questions welcomed.
  15. 468monte

    Whats the farthest you driven your gbody?

    Im traveling from charleston sc, to atlanta in june and have never droven my regal that long of a drive before. Maybe only 2 to 3 hour trips max, so im pretty excited about the ride. So that brings me to my question have far have you guys driven and what set ups. Im running a th-400, 3.73 gears...

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