1. 80elky

    Wiring harness compatibility

    Will a wiring harness from a 1978 el camino fit my 1980? The wiring harness is for a 350 and mine original engine was swapped for a 350. I don't need it to be an exact replacement, I can add in things or change things, but would it be pretty close?
  2. Game Over

    A-body headlight switch pin out

    Corner lights and dash light on my ‘79 Cutlass Supreme runs when I turn the key to On position. Also I can regulate corners with dimmer switch but can’t regulate the light of the dash. Headlights switch is in off position. Other positions works well. Other switches (I have 3 of them) works the...
  3. Game Over

    Free ground connector under cluster

    Today I disassemble the dash and found a free strange looking ground connector. Anybody knows where it must be connected?
  4. 80elky

    Starter wires

    I was looking at the starter and noticed that there was three wires when I’m used to two. There’s the main battery cable then there’s a thin black one and a thin tan one. Which one is which?
  5. 78_Monte970

    Wiring harness

    My 78 monte’s harness is toast. It was rewired at one point in time but I trust none of it as it had an electrical fire in the engine bay. What kit should I go with to rewire it? I’ve done none of this before except making a simple harness to run the engine. I was looking at painless...
  6. M

    No Brake Lights!

    Ive got an 83 cutlass supreme 4dr, and none of the brake lights work. I replaced the brakelight switch and the bulbs and still nothing, the STOP fuse is good, im really not sure what i should be looking for. Any help is appreciated
  7. Jester84H/O

    CUTLASS Power Window Switch Help!

    Hi all, Im in the process of restoring my 1984 Hurst Olds and I’m in need of some assistance. When I purchased the vehicle the window switches were a mess. The wiring looks like a total cluster F. I need to know how and where the wires are connected. Also where I can purchase the connector on...
  8. TrafficKing

    No power to taillight fuse

    Hello all, I usually can figure most things out in life but this has me stumped and no lie electrical isn't my thing. I have just bought a 87 MC SS and after towing it home and installing a new battery she fired up, the starter missed two times before it caught, so I've already purchased a new...
  9. J

    81 Monte all lights work except the head lights

    I was driving in a dark mountain pass with my high beams on when I hear a pop sound under the dash. My headlights went dark. I checked under the dash all fuses seem to be OK. I drove the 15 miles home at 20 miles an hour with the flashers on. All lights work except the head lights I have no low...
  10. G

    Help ?!

    Is There Any Way Someome Could Give Me Info On My Wiring . I Own A 1984 Cutlass Supreme Someone Swapped It To A 305 And Didn't Wire Everything . There Are Like 6 Wires By The Master Cylinder? I Have No Idea What They Are . Radio Doesn't Work And Heater Doesn't Work Either . I Don't Know Where To...
  11. P

    87 Grand prix question

    i recently purchased a 87 grand prix that had the original engine pulled and a chevy 350 put in but the person that did the swap just left a lot of the un needed ires hanging there and i would like to clean it up but i can not find any wiring diagrams for the car i also can not find any hilton...
  12. B

    Wiring problems!

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, also new to car ownership in general. I have an 1984 Monte Carlo, it had the 3.8, we thought it was blown therefore we put a 305 with a 350th in it. It did take a while to get in after numerous motor mount problems, then cross member problems but it finally got in. My...

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