No power to taillight fuse



Feb 12, 2018
Hello all, I usually can figure most things out in life but this has me stumped and no lie electrical isn't my thing. I have just bought a 87 MC SS and after towing it home and installing a new battery she fired up, the starter missed two times before it caught, so I've already purchased a new one. Ok now to what I've found out... No interior lights, no dash lights, no headlights, no taillights, no brake lights, no parking lights, no power to the taillight fuse, every other fuse is good and has power running thru with the key on which I used a light probe. I tested for power at the connector at the fuse block the pink blue green brown and black wire , ik the brown wire is suppose to be the main wire but the only one putting out power is the pink wire . So I read and sanded down my rear grounds to bare metal, stripped the wire to a fresh piece, regrounded two that I found, one underneath that was pulled out the loom and put on the frame , and one inside the trunk they had drilled into the floor board smh , I noticed the mess of wires not even wrapped just hand twisted and separated and retwisted back to each ones original colors , the aluminum wire doesn't twist well with the copper but its connected. Replaced all bulbs , except the front parking light bulb socket was gone nothing but wires hanging and the 3rd brake light wires were also connected to nothing, I haven't repaired that yet. Btw the frame and engine are both grounded to the battery. I try the turn signals with the key forward and the right one works and cut on and flashed on the dash , I got out and looked and the rear passenger lights were flashing the left won't cut on from the switch ,looks like due to a faulty turn signal switch in the column, so I hit the hazards and both turn signals flashed on the dash, got out and rear passenger was flashing nothing on rear driver , driver parking light was flashing as well but nothing on the pass side (looking at the side marker since no bulb in front) So I got frustrated by all these solutions I'm reading not working I start touching the wires in the rear except the ground , when I touch the green wire to the pink wire in the trunk all the lights cut on headlights parking lights side markers license plate light all came on and flashed with the hazards on. Hazards off and nothing works period. HELP ME PLEASE. There are 2 wires coming from the starter one going to the positive of the battery and the other one going into a hornets nest of wires wrapped in electrical tape :(


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Apr 3, 2015
Spring, Texas
Hopefully these will help......
Take your time. Be patient. Do your best to undo the damage done by the previous owner(s). I suggst using heat shrink solderless connectors to make repairs...
I like this type of electrical tape...
This looks like a budget friendly multi-meter...

I hope this helps....

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