79 Malibu wagon fuel line


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Feb 20, 2018
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Anyone ever seen one of the bushing locations rot like this? I’m assuming it rusted away at least? How big of an issue is this going to be? Also, is my car the only one with super sloppy welds on the frame from the factory or has anyone else ever seen that?
Yes to both questions. Had to deal with the hole problem on my own frame and ended up very carefully adding weld to the surface edge to reduce the hole back to the factory size and then had to dress it for shape to get the shouldered biscuit to drop back in correctly Lots of fun for me since I took the hard way of it and did the work with the body still mounted in place. Sorry, no pictures, did the work long before I acquiried a camera small enough to get in tight.

The blobby looking welds that resemble bubble gum done by a trainee put to work without the training got ground smooth and the seams and grooves/pockets cleaned out and then rewelded. The reweld is a miserable exercise because no matter how fastidious you are, some crap will escape and give you grief when you go to lay your beads in. Patience plus the presence of a 4.5 with a wire wheel on it at your side to re-re-re-re-re-clean the joint seams is about what it will take to do the deed.

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