Best wishes for anyone living on the east coast


Apr 3, 2015
Spring, Texas
Similar forecast here. Temperatures are expected to drop 40° in a few hours Thursday afternoon. No frozen precipitation forecast though. Still, I went and bought 15 gallons of gas for the generator, just in case. Supposed to have some gusty winds so localized power outages are a concern.
Screenshot_20221219_032233_The Weather Channel.jpg
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Master Mechanic
Mar 20, 2020
Nice day here sunday took Bad Martha for a ride

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Master Mechanic
Nov 11, 2020
Ottawa, Canada
Snow started late Thursday night and continued through until Saturday morning. Wet, heavy heart attack snow. Probably ended up with ~12-14" Snow in the backyard is right up to the top of my boot. Probably would have been deeper had it been the light fluffy stuff.

Biggest pain in the *ss was shoveling off the deck. If I don't do that when I let the dog out she'll just piss on the deck rather than going down to the yard. :ROFLMAO:

Overall, didn't seem to have the big of an impact. Schools were closed. And now everyone seems okay with working from home (where possible), so I don't think it was that bad. By Saturday morning the roads were all mostly pretty good. But we spend something like $80M a year on snow clearing, so they better do a damn good job.

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