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Feb 8, 2018
Bought a Elky last week and was looking to do a tune up on it because guy that had it was torturing it. All fluid levels were low. I found 10 year old insurance papers inside (didn't clean the car) and the car doesn't even have windshield wipers. I don't know what they used this car for but anyways I'm looking to spend some bucks under the hood. Nothing major as I live paycheck to paycheck. Can y'all tell me which wireset/spark plugs to go with? It's a 305 with a th350 tranny. I don't know if I'd have to get special valve cover gaskets, it looks too have Corvette valve covers on it with hex bolts. Has a Edelbrock carb and intake. Also want to eliminate anything that doesn't need to be there anymore. Everything else looks stock. Ran the VIN number online and it shows it was originally a 4.4 well thank you guys and God bless! I'll post more pics on request.



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Dec 23, 2016
Bottom pic i believe is part of the cruise control. The top pic no clue.. but first switch out the glass fuel filter. . those can break and toast your car.


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Jan 7, 2006
Canton Mi
What year is the car? I didn't think center bolt covers came out till 87. You should run the casting #'s on the heads and block to verify what you have


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Dec 1, 2014
Upstate NY
Looks like valve covers from a TPI motor's valve covers. Perhaps an LT1 set of valve covers. But valve covers are just that - covers. Get the head casting numbers as lilbowtie recommended.

In terms of what plugs and wires to use I run Autolites or NGK's for plugs. For wires a set of Autolites or AC Delco's will be fine. Replace the cap and rotor as well. You could run a compression test while the plugs are out to try determine the status of the cylinders. From there get it running and check the vacuum reading with a gauge. Alot can be told about the cam, valves, timing and intake leaks with a vacuum gauge. Verify your base, mechanical advance and vacuum advance of the distributor via a timing light. Verifying the timing curve will helk determine if the dizzy is functioning correctly.


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May 22, 2011
Central NY
I think he was talking about the valve in the heater core hose to shut hot water off from flowing thru the heater core, and the cruise control module on the left front inner fender.


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Sep 25, 2017
Boise Idaho
Someone took at least a few parts from a tpi car. It has O2 sensors in the exhaust manifolds and look at the wide alternator belt. Do tpi blocks have mechanical fuel pump provisions? Maybe just the topend? You need to check block and head casting numbers.

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