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Sep 10, 2016
So Ive been messing with the 87 442 off and on through the winter, I had a feeling when I bought it that the car has a few electrical gremlins... Upon purchase the check Engine light was on... I didn't have my dx tools with me, but figured it was nothing major and took a gamble... Found out the ECU was missing the fuse, replaced it, light went out and it ran much better. The SMOG pump/ AC compressor was also was missing

Now comes my question, cold and in Open Loop hook up to the OBD 1 Port all values look correct for the car... H2O temp looks pretty close for the run time, RPM, vacuum, ect.... car warms up, kick the off choke goes into closed loop and all my values spike... cars at idle it shows 6K rpms, H2O temp of 300, voltage of 25v. and a lean O2 reading. the true mechanical readings I got was 160ish F, 800-1000 rpm, 14.1V.

I'm guessing there is a ground issue, but where should I look first?
Not open for further replies.
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