1. J

    1987 Buick Regal

    New to Forums. Do I even post this up here? Let me know and I'll take it down if this is the wrong place. Thanks in advance. 1987 Buick Regal $16,500 Offer me and come see it. Built, Big 350 engine with Edelbrock Heads 50,000 miles on rebuilt engine Corvette transmission Runs great, Strong...
  2. 20221115_111310.jpg


  3. T

    Regal 81 converted Diesel

    Hi, new to the forum. I converted my diesel over to a 350 Buick I rebuilt from my high school / college car (74 LeSabre 4 door - party car). I stashed some cherry quarterpanels that I no longer need. Ever found a car with 171 rear gears? That is the set up in a diesel it seems!
  4. J

    Landau / Vinyl Top Molding

    Hey everyone. I’m Joe coming Austin, Texas. I’m new to the forum and recently got a 87 Regal Limited. I’ve wanted a G Body since I was little and finally made it happen. I am trying to find the molding that goes around the rear glass for the vinyl (landau) top. I’ve searched the forums and...
  5. Laffin69

    Grille help!

    Hello all, Looking for a grille, I have an 82 regal limited. This is the grille, anyone know of anything aftermarket? Also, and I apologize for the “technical term” But the flappy piece that attaches the grille to the car is also busted. What would that be called to get a replacement? Any...
  6. Laffin69

    Lookin' for some parts

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for replacement tail lights for my Regal, as well as a grille. Any ideas where to look would be great, its an '82. Thanks.
  7. Greasy_Holly

    New Owner looking to Upgrade

    Hey yall! Recently bought a 1981 Buick Regal 3.8L V6. Its all stock except for the rear springs and the rims. I installed a tach as well cause I wanted one after I blew the carburetor by hooking up the vacuum hoses wrong and blew chunks of charcoal into it from the canister. Embarrassing but the...
  8. L

    Help Wit fittin 28s

    I got a 1984 Regal lookin 2 put sum 28s Mayb 30s on it. I really don’t like the tuck or donk look I just want it to Mayb sit almost flush with tha frame Mayb 2-3 inches of space between fenders and top of tire. Ima b using tires wit basically no sidewall. I was just wondering what are sum...
  9. W

    Question about this electrical relay

    Does anyone know what electrical relay this is or where I could find one? Was told its for a 83 regal but it is inside a 52 buick and it controls the horn and when putting side panel back on something metal touched and horn started going off until it blew the 12v fuse. Any information will be...
  10. I-AM-JD

    Tps sensor

    hey everyone. But someone be kind enough to tell me the location of the throttle position sensor on a 1980 Buick Regal 3.8? It would be greatly appreciated thank you
  11. I-AM-JD

    1980 Buick regal data sheet?

    Good morning and good afternoon fellow Buick owners. was doing work on my car this morning pulled off the door panel and found this data sheet. Anybody think it's worth holding onto it's not like they make the parts anymore? What do you think? Thanks
  12. _michaeld

    87 Regal Project

    Been a loiterer here for some time, but finally made garage space to pick up this 1987 Regal here in Middle Georgia a couple weeks ago. 3.8 bone stock with the exception of some tasteless aesthetic mods. I swapped from poor fitting 20’s to 17x8/9 Vison Legend 5’s and swapped some eBay HID’s for...
  13. IMG_20160816_133135.jpg


    Project chicks
  14. 24’s before sanding

    24’s before sanding

  15. Bigblockregal


    Still A lil ways to go To clean her up
  16. S


    Hi all, my name is Steve. I am new to the forum. I have an '84 Buick Regal Limited as a daily driver with the V6. Today my blower motor fan shut down when I went to turn on the A/C. Again the GROUND wire terminal end on the PCB block (printed circuit assembly board that goes inside the...
  17. A

    REGAL Hello from Canada Eh!

    New to the forums here, hello! 21 y/o from ontario, canada. Currently "restoring" a 1980 Buick Regal. (I put restoring in quotes because so far it's been a very slow and painful process, sometimes it doesn't feel like i'm making any progress at all) Specs? : SB350, on paper it is around 410...
  18. CaliWagon83

    REGAL Question: Missing rear tri-shield?

    Hi guys! As I've mentioned before, the wagon has been in a minor collision, and the vinyl was re-wrapped. I've noticed the re-assembly was half-hearted to say the least. Not only is it missing the center side spear molding, but I think it may be missing a rear tri-shield logo from the back. I've...
  19. CaliWagon83

    Third brake light ideas for Wagons/El Caminos?

    So I found a few closed threads here showing third brake lights for Elco's. I was wondering if any of you that had wagons have either installed or were thinking of third brake lights. I know some of you are going "Why?" as the fact that they weren't required new, why mess with putting them in...
  20. T


    any ls gbodies roller or stock swaps on here for sale ?? Al/Ga/Fl/Miss/Tenn area

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