Malibu Questions, interior and exterior problems

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Oct 19, 2015
Hello! (i uploaded this in interior and electrical as well) :oops:
I have a 1980 Chevrolet Malibu Wagon, it has the 305 V8 and 350 trans.
I'm planning on fixing or improving overall feel and quality of the car.
- In the interior there is a clicking sound, by the looks of it it clicks in line with my jumping speedometer needle. (i do not have the horizontal speedometer, nor tachometer).
Is this clicking sound actually caused by my speedometer wire? it clicks (and needle jumps) at speeds roughly 35-40 km/h and sometimes above (only clicking) 60 km/h i'd say..

- Also only my clock (does not work) and speedometer is lit up with dash lights, aren't the other gauges, (fuel, gauge, temp etc.) supposed to be lit up, how do i fix it?
can i remove the clicking sound easy? or change the wire easy?

- My left rear window (the long one by the trunk) has poor weatherstripping, it has almost comletely disappeared in the back. Will some "Make your own gasket" material work? or the Automotive black glue mass work? I'm thinking of sealing with this?


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Try lubricating your speedometer cable. If you can reach up under the dash, the cable pushes into the back of the speedometer. There is a ring that is hinged on one side and grabs the cable as it backs out. If you can push the ring towards the speedometer with your thumb, you should be able to pull the cable out. Put few drops of clean oil into the open end of the cable housing. That might help the noise problem, and the dancing needle.
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