BUILD THREAD Project Olds Cool (Updated 4/5/20 Priming and block sanding ad naseum!)



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Feb 2, 2015
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
$500 to rent a booth is really fair - but given the current worldwide economic circumstances it isn't prudent. So, yeah best to wait for things to settle down.
But I am in agreement with @motorheadmike on this. It's probably best to wait a little while til this virus things settle down regardless of what you do. Maybe the school will get back in session at some point...
Agreed 100% guys. Things are just a little too unstable and unpredictable at the moment to proceed as planned, but then again I’m not totally there yet. I still have a fair amount of work left to do on the car before it’s absolutely ready, and even when that point comes there’s still other stuff to do to keep me busy.

So in the meantime, I’m gonna continue on as planned and as if nothing is different yet, then we’ll reevaluate the situation once it’s ready to go.

But if you want to consider getting it done sooner, think about the offer. It sucks to get this close and then have the money pump (job) throttled down or turned off.
I'll contribute... just for the knowledge I've received from the encyclopedia of information he has taken the time to publish here.
Hey, I'd be in to throw some cash towards the booth rental! It was done for me and I would pay it forward.
I'll chip in as well.
id chip in to get that nice paint job finished
Wow guys, just wow!
Y’all never cease to amaze me with your kindness and generosity. I’ve honestly never met a more selfless and upstanding group of people on a public forum than you all. Thank you. I’m truly humbled by your generosity and offers to help.

However, it’s not a do or die, or must be done thing. Hell, it’s not even close to important with what’s happening all around us at the moment. I have the money set aside for paint materials and the booth rental if needed, I had posed the question about $500 for a booth rental to gauge whether or not that was a reasonable price. I sincerely appreciate all the offers to help, but I’m not about to be one to mooch off of the kindness of others to further my own goals.

I will find the best way forward through this in these most difficult of times the same way I always have. On my own. The support of you all here is all the contribution I need.
Thanks again.


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Jan 2, 2006
Hmmph. Now you're going to make me spend that $250 CAD 🇨🇦 ($30 USD 🇺🇸) elsewhere...

Oh look! I just found a pair of NOS GM (Anco) windshield wiper blades for $29.98.... money spent. :)

So don't come begging later, Donovan, cuz now I'm broke. You friggin' ingrate...

hahaha. j/k. We'll back you up if you need it, dude.

We're all living vicariously through your build. At least the crazy ones are. Stay safe! 😷
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