1. Dezimade

    MALIBU Blower wire

    Good morning guys: what do you call this end that attaches to the blower motor ? Plastic. As I found this for 14$ with some digging! And where can I find the assortment of these as I may need a few. New at this. Thanks for you patience! Dez
  2. matty_krv

    ‘85 El Camino

    I was asked to post some pics of my ‘85 ElCo so here goes! It’s my daily driver so I’ve done a lot to it- and almost everything has been replaced or altered in some way- “Lucky” is powered by a supercharged 383 stroker paired to a t700rh transmission, Holley Sniper EFI, Holley Hyperspark...
  3. Mlong155

    New Alternator Issues

    I recently purchased a new alternator for my 1982 Cutlass Supreme. My car came original with the 6 cylinder and the previous owner swapped in an Olds 307. After installing the new alternator I noticed my battery light was on in the dash cluster. Even when the car is not running and keys are in...
  4. Mlong155

    1982 Cutlass Wiper Switch. HELP!

    I have recently bought an 82 Cutlass and upon receiving it, was told that the wiper switch was broke. No problem. I’ll replace it right? Nope. No one offers one and they all seem to have been discontinued. If anyone can help or has one I would greatly appreciate it!
  5. 87gbodydanny

    Steering wheel restore ??

    Anyone know if it’s possible to restore this steering wheel ? Any recommendations ! 87 regal . Trying to keep it OG look
  6. J

    1987 Buick Regal

    New to Forums. Do I even post this up here? Let me know and I'll take it down if this is the wrong place. Thanks in advance. 1987 Buick Regal $16,500 Offer me and come see it. Built, Big 350 engine with Edelbrock Heads 50,000 miles on rebuilt engine Corvette transmission Runs great, Strong...
  7. jwood1213

    88 Trunk Interior

    Hi all, I’m in the middle of restoring an 88 SS, and I’m looking to replace the part of the trunk that the lid closes in front of. I’ve heard people call it the rear body panel or the taillight panel. I’ll attach a picture, but I also want to replace the metal lip that is under the trunk‘s...
  8. D

    CUTLASS 86 Cutlass Supreme Brougham

    Hey guys new here on the forum. Just got my 86 cutlass the dream car I always wanted. It doesn’t really need to much done to it besides normal stuff such as paint job headliner etc. The car is all original and not much rust or damage through out the car it’s pretty solid came with 49k original...
  9. Dezimade

    Bolt Size 🔩

    Good day ! Lower bolt ,A/C Compressor Curious 🤨 of the size. As this may be a simple fix ! tossing belts ! Just noticed …… there is no bolt!
  10. S

    Passenger window wont work

    When I got my el Camino, both windows worked as they should, but out of nowhere, the passenger one stopped working. I tested it and there’s no power to switch or the window motor, anyone know what could be my issue?
  11. L

    New to the forum

    Loko2dr. I’m a gbody owner in philly and recently just put 20s on my gbody. I’ll post more pics later but the rims is rev 652 20x9 perfect fit although I gotta rol the fenders a lil bit 275/40/20 my build is on Instagram too Loko2dr
  12. Melissasinave

    Help! Convert power to manual window

    Hey everyone. I’m having some issues with my 88 cutlass supreme rwd. When purchased the car the driver side door was taken apart by someone and damn near everything to make the windows fillip and down is gone. I do have two manual window regulators with all the hardware I’m wanting to know how...
  13. money carlo 357

    I am wanting to put a new frame into my 1985 montecarlo. what is the dimensions, and what would fit, because I hear that the rear end was longer or no

    I have recently bought a monte carlo off my father, and am told that my body is good. though I have kind of bad rear frame rails. I was wondering what year of G Body frame mount pattern would fit into my car? MAINLY because I was looking at some G body frames but don't know if they would be...
  14. Swindells

    Custom hood ornaments

    I’m looking to get a custom hood ornament made for my cutlass Was just wondering if anyone else has ever gotten anything like this done and if so could you point me in the right direction
  15. H

    Vacuum line routing on an 84 cutlass supreme

    Hello everyone. I need help. I have a 1984 cutlass supreme 3.8L v6. I am having issues with routing the vacuum lines. The diagram at the fan shroud does not tell me where to plug the two color hoses that come from the cab, I believe one is pink and the other is a darker color. My engine is...
  16. J

    CUTLASS 1986 Cutlass 442 engine support needed!

    Hi all, I am new to this and hope i can get some help with my cutlass build here in Seattle. I have a 1986 white t-top Cutlass 442. Currently I dropped a GM 350 Goodwrench (1006636) it also has some heads with casting number 4036, so not sure what I have. I am new to carburetor motors so I keep...
  17. W

    1986 442 Cutlass

    What’s up fellow members. I just came up on my dream car. 86 442. Anyone in the chicago area that have any pointers for me? I’m very happy to have gotten my dream ride.
  18. jwood1213

    LED Headlight question

    I saw these headlights (link and screenshot below) a lot on other g-bodies and even f-bodies, does anyone here who has them have any feedback on them? I was thinking of ordering a set but I wanted to do some research on the work needed to set these up.
  19. Zone_4_Lanlord

    Whats the best brake upgrade when using stock spindle?

    I have already bought brand new spindles, so i do not want to have to buy them again to do blazer upgrade. With that being said, which direction should i go when upgrading front brakes using the stock spindle. Minimum rim size will not be a problem, i have big wheels.
  20. GP403

    GBOTM Oct. '20 - Congrats ranllett!

    By a nose in a tie-breaker vote... its ranlletts Malibu! Congrats!

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