1. n4t3dogg403

    442 Intro

    Hey all, I am new to the forum and decided to introduce myself. My name is Nate, I am 24, and I have an '86 Oldsmobile 442 with a modified 1978 Oldsmobile 403. My grandfather purchased the car from an old farmer who put less than 10k miles on it. My grandfather drove it until my father decided...
  2. R

    WANTED 86 grand Prix T Tops - Cars and Concepts

    In search of the pair or a passenger side. They must be the cars and concepts version and NOT the original factory. The exact dimensions are 1. length of glass down the center t top spine is approx. 29 3/4" 2. length of glass down the molding is approx 28" 3. chrome trim on molding is 27 1/8"...
  3. Angel88olds

    1988 cutlass supreme stolen in CA

    Hello all it’s a long shot but my car was stolen in the downey are in California Thursday night if anyone knows anything or finds my car or parts I would appreciate it if you guys notify me or the authorities. Thanks everyone!
  4. M

    1983 OLDS HURST 15th Anniversary

    HELLO 👋🏽 MY NAME IS MAZZI AND I MEED SOME HELP FROM MY G-BODY FAMILY I HAVE JUST PURCHASE A 1983 olds 15th Anniversary HURST YES THATS RIGHT I FOUND A 1-3001 HURST ...I HAVE A FEW QUESTIONS VIN - 1g3ak4792dmxxxxxx (last six ) privacy- I CHECKED & it's says it's a HURST ( Barn find ) BILL OF...
  5. J

    Fair affordable Gbody/classic car mechanic in the DFW area???

    Hi I have a 81 Monte Carlo SS in the Fort Worth area. I was wondering does anyone know a good mechanic to do some engine/restoration work on the vehicle for me?
  6. Pontiac Grand Am CA (2)

    Pontiac Grand Am CA (2)

    sorry its so small. If you have a larger, readable version let me know.
  7. Pontiac Grand Am CA (1)

    Pontiac Grand Am CA (1)

    sorry its so small. If you have a larger, readable version let me know.
  8. 1980 Grand Prix! Grand LeMans! Grand LeMans Safari!

    1980 Grand Prix! Grand LeMans! Grand LeMans Safari!

    Announcing More Pontiac Excitement to the Gallon!
  9. jakes87SS

    monte ss parts for sale *more stuff added

    I take pay pal some good ole fashioned dale memorabilia 100 upper and lower fan shroud v8--80 standard volume and pressure melling oil pump new, no use -30 under hood insulation new in wrap from dixie restoration 35 air intake tube with bracket, accordion pipe, airbox with a k&n...
  10. 84 hennesymonte

    corrected Problems with the mini torque starter

    hello everybody a couple of months ago i bought a mini torque started and it was sitting on the flywheel once you bolted it up so i took it off and put thre shims on the starter and so far it works well hers a pic!
  11. S


    Hi all, my name is Steve. I am new to the forum. I have an '84 Buick Regal Limited as a daily driver with the V6. Today my blower motor fan shut down when I went to turn on the A/C. Again the GROUND wire terminal end on the PCB block (printed circuit assembly board that goes inside the...
  12. Johnajimenez36

    1987 Cutlass Supreme Wont start need help with replacing FUSIBLE LINK

    Just joined the community I have ben having a problem with my 1987 cutlass, it wont start already checked the battery, connectors are fine, and starter looks fine. The only thing it could be is the fusible link, I would appreciate help with where the fuse is located and the steps. thanks alot...
  13. 83reeeegal

    Drop shocks

    What's up guys! it's been about two weeks since I last interacted with my regal, I ended up changing the old mechanical fuel pump... considering a conversion to electric pretty soon. however so far, so good still. On the other hand it's time to start working on the suspension, I just received my...
  14. 83reeeegal

    3 Inch lowering springs, gbody

    Hi, I ended up coming across 3 inch lowering springs for gbodys but just Montes, Elco's and Malibu's... so just outta curiousity since i've read that all gbody chassis are the same except the elco's and wagons, would these springs fit my regal?..
  15. 83reeeegal

    Air ride suspension on gbody

    Hi, So I think it'd be best to go through with an air ride suspension on my 83regal.. have 1.5k to spend on the whole air ride kit. I just recently came across one on ebay for around 1.1k which looks complete but I wanted some feed back on it. Any tips on installing? I'd gladly appreciate any...
  16. 83reeeegal

    Drop spindles + lowering springs?

    Whats up guys, So i'm thinking of dropping my buick regal... Idk if adding S-10 98-05 2" drop spindles + 2" lowering springs will give it that good look? Also if that's possible, what modifications would need to be done to my stock set up or is it direct fit?
  17. TheLemange

    The Lemange

    Yesterday was awesome! I Drug home my 1980 Pontiac lemans that I dubbed The Lemange. It was quite the experience. It was the first time I've hauled a car on a trailer, the first time using our car trailer, and I don't have a key for the car so we couldn't turn the wheels. It was an adventure...
  18. TheLemange

    new to forum.

    Hello everyone. I will start with a little about myself. My name is Ryan I am a parts advisor for a VW dealership. I have always been into cars and trucks, but being as I grew up in the fast and furious era it was mostly imports. and really mostly bagged mini trucks. I have always wanted a v8...
  19. S

    78 Monte Carlo F-41 suspension question.....

    Hi everyone!! Just made this account. So nice to see that there is so many other people out there with the passion to rebuild these cars. Let me give you all some background about what we have going on. So my dad and I have been buying, selling, rebuilding corvettes for what seems like a...
  20. oldmansmonte

    Dogs and G Bodies

    Your best friend likes your G-body as much as you do? Mine does. Here's Dahlia, a 10 year old Pitbull girl. Loves the old cars because they are easy to get in and out of.

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