1. 1984 SomerSet

    looking for 1984 Buick Regal HEADER PANEL

    this is my first visit on this site, sorry if I am posting this wrong. I am ISO a header panel for my 1984 Buick Regal. any help would be appreciated
  2. Built6spdMCSS

    Parking/Ebrake function with Fbody & Corvette Rear Disc Calipers

    I saw this being discussed figured I would share what I did. Being mine is a Manual car, this is a necessity. I used LT1 Fbody Rear Disc on my 1984 SS. The Gbody using the foot pedal is about 2 times the cable travel distance compared to the hand lever operated Fbody & Corvette Brakes...
  3. Built6spdMCSS

    Gbody LS Swap Info

    For those that hang out here and can use this, this is from my Facebook LSx GBODY page. ********THE PINNED POST.******** Putting the LS Engine in a Gbody can be done many different ways, there is no one set procedure or exact part numbers that I'm going to have here unless it's for a specific...
  4. E

    81 Malibu Classic Heater Troubles

    Hello, I have a 1981 Malibu Classic that had the 4.3 v6 and upgraded it to a small block 350. I took out all the smog and emmisions. When I did this i still had heat, but it wouldn't switch over from vents to defrost and etc. That was fine, but I would like to know how to fix that. But that's...
  5. smokybob

    BUILD THREAD 78 Monte Carlo "Infidel"

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and this will be my second build. My first was a 63 Impala that i didn't get to finish. Had to sell it when the housing bubble blew up in 08. Im a disabled vet with PTSD, working on cars is therapeutic for me. I hope that explains why i chose this car. It needs...
  6. Built6spdMCSS

    T56 6spd Manual Transmission install into a Gbody

    Someone asked me if there was info about this so I figure this would help some people out. Putting a T56 6spd into a Gbody is pretty simple and straighforward, not much to it, just like installing any other Transmission pretty much. It's good to start with getting all the parts: T56 6spd...
  7. R

    1985 Buick Regal 3.8l 4 barrel transmission compatibles

    hello, new here....bought a 85' Buick Regal 3.8 4 barrel. Get the car up and running only to find out it has a bad trans. If you put the car in drive the trans starts to chatter and bang when it shifts. If you put in 1st and change the gears manually it'll act fine. Not sure what's going on with...
  8. H

    87 cutlass headlight problem

    I just got a 87 cutlass supreme an I'm having a problem with my headlights. I try to click from low to hi but it won't do it at all I don't even hear the click sound. Just wondering if anyone knows how to fix this problem
  9. Jadenk


    has anyone bought the A pillar pod for the gbody? if so how did you get them to fit? I just got mine and went to test fit it and it is wide compared to the factory a pillar trim.. if anyone has any advice or tips let me know
  10. Alex Benigno

    Squeaking Noise From Dash?? 86 Monte FIX?

    Since the new motor, dash or windshield has been making a squeaking noise. Usually a bump triggers the noise. Any suggestions on what exactly it is? where its coming from? or how to fix? thanks
  11. GP403

    GBotM: Jan '16 Entries - PRO TOURING

    Vaughn3031 suggested next month's theme be the "pro touring" G-Body. I'm sure there's a wide berth on what qualifies, or what we think that means, so lets see em! Due to the holidays and whatnot I'll get this closed up soon around the 1st, provided there are enough entries. The winner gets...
  12. GP403

    GBotM 12/15: Congrats Vaughn3031

    With ~35% of the vote, Vaughn3031's Santa red Malibu is the December '15 G-Body of the Month! From here on out the winner gets a pair of 18" GBF decals, and gets to pick the next month's theme!
  13. liquidh8

    How To: Station Wagon and El Camino Digi-Tails LED Taillights

    We all know that the 78-87 El Camino, and 78-83 G-body wagon, have low and difficult to see taillights. Compared to today’s vehicles with high mounted, and bright, LED taillights, these old G-body lights need some help to keep the preoccupied driver behind aware that you are stopping or...
  14. moeman.kj5

    Need Help!! 85 cutlass

    Will a 231 (v6) pull 24" rims? I'm starting to have transmission issues and I'm not sure if I should upgrade or get stock parts again. Anything helps. Thanks
  15. 88cutlass

    Need some advice

    Do 22 in rims on a gbody affect the car in any way? Like with the brakes, handlin, turning, speed and other things
  16. 88cutlass

    Need some advice

    Do 22 in rims on a gbody affect the car in any way? Like with the brakes, handling, turning speed and other things
  17. Charles82malibu

    Will the seats out of an 87 Monte Carlo fit in an 82 malibu

    Hey, I own a 1982 Chevrolet Malibu classic 4 door that I am looking to put a b&m ratchet shifter in, but my car has a bench seat in it so it won't work. As of right now I know where there is a set of reclining bucket seats out of a 1987 Monte Carlo for sale and I was wondering if they would bolt...

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