1980 Malibu Wagon resurrection



Rocket Powered Basset Hound
Oct 14, 2008
Gainesville, Fl
Welcome aboard! Thank you for sharing your story and chronicling your build. From what I see, that should be a good running engine. Good luck. I'll be keeping in tune with your build thread. (y):cool:(y)


Comic Book Super Hero
Love me some long roofs, I'll be following.

Doug Chahoy

Royal Smart Person
Nov 21, 2016
Welcome to the family that won’t give you Corona . It’s a shame your first fiancé was NOT a car person. Ironically the cars lasted way longer than that relationship. On your step son, listen from an old fart with experience, DO NOT under ANY circumstance let him drive it alone till he’s 25. For his safety and you don’t want to have to do a REBUILD thread in the future . Young people with muscle cars is what killed them in the 70s then the gas crisis. I’ve always liked the wagons. I spent over a year looking for one in my area with no luck. Bought a low mile California 79 Elco instead and made in into a 2 door wagon. Elco 300


Mar 19, 2020
I know he’s so stoked on the car... but maybe Hyundai would be better. My first car was 1983 trans am with 350 transplant. I didn’t wreck it too bad, but it did only take about a month. Then my insurance became completely unaffordable and I had to get a different car.


Mar 14, 2012
Texarkana, AR
Great story on your car. Drop that engine in and send it. Let the youngster drive. He'll be the future hobbiest.
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