Ground Effects ......Lauren Engineering WHERE ARE YOU!!


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Feb 7, 2019
I remember looking through the Lauren Engineering catalog, what awesome kits could be had for our beloved G- Body cars back in the would THINK there would be a company today who would want to jump on this opportunity and make some good monies, there defiantly is a market and, the G bodies are in their prime now, and years to come, so why not!!?? Just baffled no company wants to offer up something that would be a great seller....Adding pictures, NOT MINE, of some cars with Lauren Engineering packages on them.



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Oct 14, 2008
Gainesville, Fl
Lauren sold some pretty unique products. I think if they were still in business they would do well in today's market. I don't recall any other company producing similar products.
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Jan 2, 2006
ROI. Is it worth it to the suppliers/vendors? I'm not sure. They may sell a dozen ground effects kits in a year maybe if they could get them? Just spit ballin' it, but consider 20 years ago before Obama's crush-a-thon debacle and you probably had zillions of G-bodies zipping around and people trying to modify them, whatever. And now? A mere fraction of what it was. Thus, the support base for G-body ground effects kits is a whole lot less. Meaning no huge incentive anymore for anyone to produce those kits. If they did, it would be limited, thus more $$$ to make it worth the effort. So can it be done? Yes. Will it be done? Doubtful. Would it be nice if those options still existed? Sure. But it's drying up out there. G-bodies are a niche car in today's world, like it or not. Those that were there still appreciate them, and some that were born afterwards have grown to like them too. But look at the prices. Good, solid ones are pricey, and unless someone has lots more $$ to toss at it, doubtful they'd want to throw an aftermarket ground effects kit on something they just shelled out $20-25K or more for. It's just the nature of the hobby.
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Apr 3, 2015
Spring, Texas
I bought a H/O style decklid spoiler for my car years and years ago. It's still in the box but I'm glad I got one while still available.
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Aug 8, 2011
I bought the last 2 sets of stage 1 ground effects for a Regal and installed one set on my 86' Regal, the hood scoop is also from Lauren.
The Lauren stuff on my 83' Monte I bought decades ago which include front nose conversion, ground effects, front spoiler extension and the 2" taller rear spoiler
IMG_20200501_195700255_HDR (1).jpg
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Feb 16, 2009
Western MN
If someone wants to itch for the rest of their life and have a good business, automotive aftermarket fiberglass is the ticket.

My fiero buddy mentioned all the aftermarket fiberglass part guys retired 5 years ago, about the same as Lauren. I think all these glass guys got into it in the early 90's and retired after 30 years but nobody backfilled their shoes.
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