BUILD THREAD Project Olds Cool (Updated 5/10/20 The final push for paint!)



Rocket Powered Basset Hound
Oct 14, 2008
Gainesville, Fl
You would think that because you have some kind of rapport with him, he'd at least throw you a bone and give you the "good guy's" price on using his booth. Geez...what's it gonna cost him? A little bit of electricity and a bit of time out of his way to open and close the shop.
Sorry things didn't work out with use of the high school spray booth. Especially anticipating it all year round. But due to the current circumstances it's out of your control. That looks like a beautiful, well equipped shop, and killer booth. I'm sure you'll come up with a viable solution. Keep the faith.
We'll keep a good thought for you, brother.


Royal Smart Person
Jul 17, 2007
The guy at the school is a teacher I assume. No skin off him as the board is paying the heat, hydro, insurance.... As a business owner with a shop ( and insurance payments to make on top of the lease and everything else ) I guess I am on the other side of things here. If I didn't really know you, and could not be assured you wouldn't mess something up I would have to compensate somebody for $200 a day to sit and watch your *ss all day, each day. Then I would want to make a couple of bucks for myself to cover heat, hydro, liability, etc.
Unless it was a very close friend, I likely would not do it. However if they were I would then just toss them the keys, do not leave me a mess, and ask them to turn out the lights when done. Leaving a box of beer behind would likely seal the deal.

TRUST is the key word here. Would you let someone take over your garage for 2 days without wanting to be compensated ? Just my $0.02


Supporting Member
Mar 3, 2016
Mannford, OK
I wonder if you can find a shop that can be swayed by looking at your post counts on this build and the Juggernaut thread. You've obviously got a lot of pull on this site, and it seems a lot of guys are local to you. We also build movie car replicas, and when we need something done, we try and find shops that give us a break for posting pictures on their site online, or having the car out front while work is being done. If I saw your car sitting in front of a paint shop I'd want to stop and get some information.


Apr 24, 2007
Booths are over-rated.
Painted mine in a dirty little farm shop...
All I did was sweep the floor beforehand.



Master Mechanic
Feb 9, 2014
North Jersey
Maybe you can take it all the way in high build and skip the sealer to save a step. I personally prefer to shoot a paint job on cured primer over sealer to get a cleaner job. I guess I’m just old school in that way. I only use sealer when necessary.
Would it be possible to shoot the gray by you then do the white in the booth and do it in one day?


Apr 24, 2007
I understand it just fine.
Lots of people like to throw around the phrasing, but I've taken the tests and seen the Dr's...
For myself, its severity fluctuates mostly around my stress levels, but certain rituals I simply cannot deviate from.
Watch me close and lock a door and then ask yourself if I understand OCD lol

My post was more to highlight the fact that paint booths and good results aren't mutually exclusive...
I painted this in my buddies garage last fall.


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Jul 1, 2018
NW Indiana
Just being nosy here Donovan. Do you represent the company that supplied the booth at the high school? I'm just wondering how you became aware of it.
His job working on air compressors takes him to these places.

Donovan, is it absolutely out of the question painting it in your shop? I'm just thinking if anyone can pull it off it would be you. I have been lamenting on how to spray mine when time comes. Please tell us getting a "good Paint" job can be done without a booth.... I'm not talking about Riddler quality here.... just very nice.
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