TPI in a Monte Carlo SS


Jan 4, 2006
I'm sure I can get these units alot cheaper. I bought a used one for 50 or so. nothing wrong with an inline pump, and it would be so much easier.
Mine is a stock motor/transmission from an '89 Vette. The Vette TPI got a different serp. setup than the F-bodys.
I added an inline pump, and put efi capable hoses to the stock steel fuel lines.


Jan 4, 2006
Shelbina, Missouri
I have one too, I put the TPI and roller cam in my 305 that was in the car when I got it.

I used a 4.3 G-body tank and sending unit for my swap, I got the whole assembly for $100 used from a member of Last I knew you could buy a NEW GM sending unit for about $150 from a dealer.

Was deffinatly worth all the work!


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Jul 23, 2007
Dayton, OH
I have an intank fuel pump setup in my Cutlass. I used a GN tank because it is a drop in for the Cutty and it has the right hanger etc plus it has the baffle so even with low fuel and hard acceleration or cornerng you don't uncover the fuel pump unless you are really low. BTW you can also get a new aftermarket GN tank which is reasonably priced but does'nt have as good of a baffle. I used the racetronix pump and setup as its plug & play. If memory serves me one pump is good to 600HP. Just click the Buick GN/T-type/GNX link.

Its nice to have a reliable quiet cold fuel intank pump. The old skool cars have to use a sump and noisy crash hazzard out of tank setup because they don't have a baffled tank and nobody makes a plug & play hanger & pump setup. We G-body guys are lucky that way. The only unusual thing about my setup is that I use a return style regulator because I use it with a Carberator but the rest of the setup is the same. Mechanical pumps and out of tank electrics are obsolete for a g-body street car, most people just don't know it.
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May 9, 2007
god da mn thats a deal, thats better then my complete 96 lt1 out of a caprice for 180 but then again i sold it for 800 bucks!

Monte SS 383

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Sep 26, 2007
Altoona PA
I am still working on getting my stuff together. I have the new tank, fuel pump, sending unit in. I have all the SS braided hoses out of the tank with AN fittings done and the high volume fuel filter mounted with gauge. I just had a set of custom SS fuel lines bent that I have to put in. I had gotten the 4.3 wiring harness for theelectric fuel pump and put it into the original harness. I have the Edelbrock intake and MSD distributor in. I just got back my SLP intake runners after being polished I started to but couldn't get it with my equipment. I did do the inside port matching of the intake, upper plenum and inside the runners. I converted the fuel rails to rear out put and put a gauge in the front and powder coated them. I still have to powder coat the SLP runners. I am using 19#refurb design IIII Ford injectors that I traded 2 sets of old injectors that I had around the garage. I also have a Granitelli MAF I just haven't had time to get all that on with the house remodeling. Hopefully this winter I will have some time. I will post pics of what I have done here soon.


Jun 14, 2006
Wichita KS
I might be able to find this info better on but how does a tpi motor respond to boost? Would a centrifugal blower or turbo help the top end of hte motor?
Sep 1, 2006
Tampa Bay Area
Just a quick question: How can you tell a 305 from a 350 TPI? I saw one in an old Camaro on my last junkyard trip and was intrigued. I figure maybe I could hook it up using a Megasquirt EMS instead of using the whole GM wiring mess.
85 Cutlass Brougham said:
Just a quick question: How can you tell a 305 from a 350 TPI? I saw one in an old Camaro on my last junkyard trip and was intrigued. I figure maybe I could hook it up using a Megasquirt EMS instead of using the whole GM wiring mess.
The only difference I know of from the 305 to 350 was the injector size. I don't know if you can visually check it without pulling an injector though. I do know they have ID numbers on the injector body if you can find it. If you run a hot chip without many internal mods the 305 injectors should be sufficient for street use, just let the guy doing the chip know if you have the 19lb or 21lb injectors. Also the Vette had a smooth finish on the intake tubes vs. the F-bodies textured tubes.

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