1. Kustomvida90

    Brake nightmare!

    Hi guys , I recently did a full brake restoration on my 1986 v8 Montecarlo, after the job was finished I have next to nothing braking power!… also I noticed that there’s bubbling inside the MC when brake is pressed in the rear chamber that holds the fluid for the front! At first I thought it...
  2. S

    New Member on board.

    First GM, first G Body. I have always wanted an El Camino. So I got one. 1987 El Camino. Thanks for having me. My intentions are simple. Upgrade Rear Axle and suspension. Ladder Bars and Coil overs. Ford 9". T400 Trans built for kill, With a Brake. Front Suspension Upgrade with All...
  3. rogus

    Odd groaning noise on braking

    I'm getting an odd groaning noise when apply the power brakes. It almost sounds like it's coming from under the dash. The brakes still work but every once in awhile the brake peddle is a little slow to return to it's normal position. I'm thinking this is the brake booster going bad. Any advice...
  4. michael_boomin

    rear disk conversion help.

    I just got a set of rear brakes from a 98-02 blazer for my 78 El Camino. I need some help on what to do next , haven’t found many clear videos on what to do. any help works thanks
  5. Zone_4_Lanlord

    Whats the best brake upgrade when using stock spindle?

    I have already bought brand new spindles, so i do not want to have to buy them again to do blazer upgrade. With that being said, which direction should i go when upgrading front brakes using the stock spindle. Minimum rim size will not be a problem, i have big wheels.
  6. Gbody_and_taco_pat

    Corvette Brake Conversion

    Gbody family does anyone know if I upgrade to C6 brakes will everything fit within a 17 inch wheel? I am looking at UMI 1978-1988 GM G-Body C5/C6 Front Brake Conversion Brackets, factory C6 caliper/bracket, and 2006 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Power Stop Z26 Street Warrior Performance Brake Kits...
  7. 80elky

    Disc brake recommendations

    I have a 1980 el camino and I wanted to do a disc conversion on the back. For the front I am planning on doing Wilwood dual piston calipers but otherwise keeping that setup the same. I don't really know what kind of calipers I'll need in the back so I was looking for suggestions on some...
  8. G

    Rear Disc Brake Conversion - Issues

    Hello all. Need help. I recently purchased and had a local shop install all new brake system (minus hard lines). Since getting the car back I have driven the car to and from my home and shop/smog test which is not more than 2 miles each way. Reason: About 1 mile into these drives the brakes stay...
  9. 84 hennesymonte

    brake booster hose 84 monte carlo

    when i replace the engine in my 84 monte carlo i do not have a brake booster vacuum hose anymore so i need to replace it but where do it connect to? i also have a thicker tube coming from the back of my carb which is a holley 650 where can i purchase this tube and what will be the best thing...
  10. Swink

    Best junkyard upgrade for rear brakes

    Hey guys, long time G body owner here, but new poster. I'm finally getting around to upgrading the brakes on my 81 El Camino. I'm going with the Blazer spindle and hub swap for the front. But, I'm also interested in converting the rears to discs. The aftermarket kits are out of my budget, plus I...
  11. CaliWagon83

    Suspension & Brake Combos - What Works, What Doesn't?

    Going off a post made by Ace Burt, who mentioned that some of the aftermarket suspensions don't work well with aftermarket brake kits, I was wondering if I could get some feedback from you guys about experiences with suspensions and performance brake kits. What parts are needed to make them...
  12. P

    Brakes... options?

    Hi.. I'm in the process of swaping an ls to my 81 Monte, and yes.. it will be fast but I'm not sure the brakes will be up to the newly acquired speed and power.. Reading here I was about to pull the trigger on a blazer brake swap.. but I think I might be interested in some flashy fancy stuff...
  13. JoeF419

    Help! Brake shoe install

    I have recently purchased a 4 wheel disc brake kit for my 1978 El Camino. Everything installed smoothly, but the brake shoe is loose in the caliper. The caliper is installed on the rotor. I understand you are supposed to squeeze the shoes with channel-lock pliers, but I have tried and it won't...
  14. bs009

    4th gen f-body handbrake, which cables to use?

    So with my manual swap into my 82 GP I removed the parking brake pedal to gain more room down there and because I like the handbrake better. I'm still currently using the stock drums in the back. I have pulled a set of rear brakes from a 98 Camaro, but the parking brake needs to be rebuilt and...
  15. Built6spdMCSS

    Parking/Ebrake function with Fbody & Corvette Rear Disc Calipers

    I saw this being discussed figured I would share what I did. Being mine is a Manual car, this is a necessity. I used LT1 Fbody Rear Disc on my 1984 SS. The Gbody using the foot pedal is about 2 times the cable travel distance compared to the hand lever operated Fbody & Corvette Brakes...
  16. R

    What 9 inch housing ends with Blazer rear disc?

    Looking into buying a 9 inch from Quick Performance and also want to sort my rear brakes out at the same time. I have done a bunch of reading on the 98+ Blazer rear disc swap and it would be nice to do that and the Blazer front spindle swap, keeps all the brake components similar. My...

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