How To: Station Wagon and El Camino Digi-Tails LED Taillights

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Nov 24, 2014
Louisville, KY
Damn.... none for 81-87 Cutlass. I sent them a message, maybe one day.
DonF, not to hijack Jims thread, but i have a poll goin to get support for the 81-87 cutlass that i will send to digi-tails. Look for "cutlass digi-tails...need support"

Sorry Jim,


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No worries Scott.


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Dec 29, 2010
New River, Arizona
Nice work Jim!

Dude, you have been busy my friend, I’m envious, I wanted to use LEDs but for me they have to look somewhat stock when finished.

One of my questions is; do the backs of the LED panels serve as the surface that faces the weather?

Did you consider running the “bubbles”/“humps” that you so magnificently cut off, across a belt sander and regluing them to the back of the LED panel? (More OE look).

I feel motivation coming on! Wait, no, sorry, that was an urge. It’s going to be 116 here tomorrow.

Really looks good man! Again I’ll say, I wished you lived closer.

Stay Thirsty my Friend. …
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I haven't had a while lot of time as of late, but I'll get back to it.

I love how bright they are, I used used reproduction lenses. And yes, the rear is supposed to serve as the surface that faces the weather. Though,I am not too sure I want it to stay like that. So, I may (will) get some thin aluminum or stainless and make a cover for them.

The pieces I cut off wouldn't work since I didn't attempt to keep them in one piece.

I would hate to have that weather right now, we went from cold to 80 plus degrees right away. I was hoping to have a few weeks of 60-70, but oh well.
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