1. jwood1213

    MONTE CARLO Horn isn't working

    I'm in the process of trying to figure out why my horn doesn't work. Looking in the engine bay, there are two nonstock horns with wiring from an owner before me. The horn worked prior to the car being dropped off to be painted. When the horn button is pressed down, it does not beep. Also, the...
  2. michael_boomin

    messed up turn signal/ flashers

    alright , I have a weird situation here on my 1978 el co and I will try and describe it the best I can. I changed all my bulbs to LEDS with the exception of headlights and marker bulbs. I also put in an EL12 flasher and check all fuses. when i turn my hazards on with headlights OFF they flash as...
  3. LukeZ

    Hate to be one of those guys - bad starter solenoid?

    Hi all, Its been a looong while since I’ve logged on here - I hate to be the guy that only participates when he needs help! Promise I’ll try to be a little more active haha To make a long story short, I’ve got an 86 El Camino with a stock 305. She’s been sitting all winter so I went to jump...
  4. Johnny Rich

    85-88 Delay Wiper Swap

    Hello I am interested in doing a standard wiper to delay wiper swap for my 87 Monte Carlo. I've found an 85 Fiero with a delay wiper switch, which I think should work since Rock Auto sells the same switch for the Fiero and Monte Carlo. The only discussions I have found about this swap only apply...
  5. jwood1213

    1988 monte ss running lights

    Are the running lights for the Monte on a different line than for the blinkers? I realized only one of my orange running lights turns on, but both will work as blinkers and hazards. Is it an easy fix?
  6. I-AM-JD

    1980 Regal Electrical issues

    Hey guys hope everybody's having a great day. So I'm having an issue I replaced my instrument cluster dashboard and everything upfront basically I pulled out everything. The problem I'm having now is when I turn my headlights on my gauges stopped working and my car starts running like crap...
  7. Offthecuh

    Turn Signals dont work with headlights on

    I have a 86 monte carlo base and when i turn on the headlights the turn signals stop working , ive replaced the turn signal relay and turn signal switch, any help is appreciated!
  8. C

    Battery charging problem

    Hello im sergio, new to this forum, i figured this would be the best place to ask about my cutlass’s problem. I have a 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham, the problem is a couple months ago the battery on the car died so i replaced the battery since also it was a really old battery , after...
  9. H

    1980 Cutlass Supreme

    So I’m back to trying to get my Cutlass finished... I stopped because I got really stuck in a couple different areas and need help... It’s a 1980 Cutlass that originally had the 260. I have a 350 out of a 70 delta 88 in it now with a 700r4 behind that. At the end of April I’ll be buying a ford...
  10. TrafficKing

    No power to taillight fuse

    Hello all, I usually can figure most things out in life but this has me stumped and no lie electrical isn't my thing. I have just bought a 87 MC SS and after towing it home and installing a new battery she fired up, the starter missed two times before it caught, so I've already purchased a new...
  11. Johnajimenez36

    1987 Cutlass Supreme Wont start need help with replacing FUSIBLE LINK

    Just joined the community I have ben having a problem with my 1987 cutlass, it wont start already checked the battery, connectors are fine, and starter looks fine. The only thing it could be is the fusible link, I would appreciate help with where the fuse is located and the steps. thanks alot...
  12. CaliWagon83

    Electrical/gauge system change in '84?

    There are a lot of cool gauge clusters out there for G-Bodies and specifically the Regal, but I'm noticing in the fine print that a lot of them are made to work in '84 and newer models. Was there a big electrical system architecture change in '84? I know for the Dakota Digital VHX, it requires...
  13. MalibuHacon

    Engine Temperature Gauge not working

    My temp gauge is stuck in the lowest possible reading all the time, i have the sport dash with the temp, volt, and oil gauge in a 1980 Malibu. I looked through some videos on youtube and everybody suggested that a ground wire on the engine-block was usually the cause when gauge is stuck at...
  14. J

    81 Monte all lights work except the head lights

    I was driving in a dark mountain pass with my high beams on when I hear a pop sound under the dash. My headlights went dark. I checked under the dash all fuses seem to be OK. I drove the 15 miles home at 20 miles an hour with the flashers on. All lights work except the head lights I have no low...
  15. SuperCutlassGT406

    SI to CS conversion issue...

    Recently had my alternator and battery crap out on me (voltage regulator went and boiled the battery) so decided to upgrade to a CS144. I bought the plug WITH the resistor in it as I was not sure which to get as I have a cutlass with the rally gauges but it also has the CHARGE light so I thought...
  16. Miles

    Printed Circuit Board (Cutlass Supreme)

    Does anyone know where I can get a printed circuit board for my 1986 Cutlass Supreme? The one I currently have is corroded in some areas.
  17. B

    Interior lights staying on!!! Please help!!!

    I have a 1985 Monte Carlo SS. A while back all my interior lights began to stay on, so I pulled the bulbs, recently i changed my light switch and installed the dome light to test. The switch controlled it fine, and the doors allowed the light to come on and off when opening and closing. I...
  18. RegMan79

    Headliner job.

    I found a headliner board for my 79 Monte at a junk yard, in 1 piece! Came from an 83 grand prix. 17 bucks vs a 100+ for a new 1. I'm pretty sure I know what to do. Any tips would be appreciated. Also I ordered a turn Signal switch today too. I am waiting on that and a manual too. I know I'll...
  19. MalibuHacon

    Buzzer will randomly come on..

    On my 1980 Chevy Malibu the buzzer randomly comes on, and stays on! it is very loud and obnoxious, and i think it might be pulling some battery juice as well. It will disappear when I put my key in the ignition and turn it to the first click and turn on again once i take it out. It will get...
  20. MalibuHacon

    Windshield Wipers WON'T shut off!

    I have a 1980 Chevrolet Malibu, it has the original windshield wiper switch (see pic) it worked until today, but now the windshield wipers won't shut off unless i turn the key to "off". I can change the delay when i turn my key to run position, and i can switch between Low, and High speed. How...

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