What did you do to your non-G body project today? [2023]

Me and my woman out for our anniversary. Took the Z06 out for the day went to a few places. This was where I picked for dinner in Destin.


Went here for lunch and hung out here for a couple hours.


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Wonder how long the brand and franchises will last now that Jimmy has taken his last trip down to the beach?

Wonder how long the brand and franchises will last now that Jimmy has taken his last trip down to the beach?

For a while they may actually see a bump in business. There was enough belief in the 'lifestyle' that they built that series of BIG retirement living communities, so, theres also that. I'd say good tribute bands stepping in will. E a big help to keep it going
I know there are several of them across the country, haven't been to it so figured we would check it out. Good time, food was good. It's right on the beach so view is good too.

Ofcourse with a 150 mile drive in a day.. It's detail time. Bugs all over the nose. Easy Sunday.

Went to the Hanger Party over the weekend, personally I think the tickets were a little overpriced for me since I don't drink anymore. But all the same lots of eye candy and high end cars..... oh and a jet
So the bathroom faucet in the truck camper has been known junk for a few months. We recently bought a faucet for it and I've been to lazy to deal with it until yesterday when I was washing my hands with cold water. I turned it off and as usual the thing still dribbled, but for some reason I got it in my head that I needed to crank down harder on the hot side. That was not what it wanted and it let me know by self destructing, shooting the guts into the ceiling, and basically becoming old faithful. I scrambled to kill the pump, proceeded to wipe up the mess, and caved by putting in the new faucet.


The area surrounding the faucet was pretty swelled up, not surprising. The old faucet was a plastic piece of crap. New one has less plastic and a 1" longer reach. Ease of hand washing is immediately noticeable, this is a good upgrade.

Also last night I snapped this little shelf together to be able to store my oil drain pans under the 5.3 that's taking way too long for me to do something with.


And tonight I liberated an old trailer brake controller from the bench and installed it onto the wife's Envoy.


It had previously rocked a Tekonsha Voyager but that thing took a dump and I may be towing a lightish load with this in the near future and prefer to have brakes for such an occasion.
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Changed the transfer case fluid on my F-150. Probably the first time it's been done, currently at 92k miles.

Then did a right front control arm on my Dad's Mazda. Ball joint had about 1/2" of up and down play.
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