Sean's 78 Camaro Z28

Should we leave the wheels grey or paint them body color?

  • Leave grey

  • Paint blue to match the body car, the way the car was when new

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Michael Watts

Dec 12, 2017
That turned out very nicely


Comic Book Super Hero
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Apr 3, 2015
Spring, Texas
Well, well... That car turned out better than I even expected. I'm sad to say that I have not even seen it in person, since the paint was completed. My show schedule, and the fact that I work nights, doesn't leave much time for hanging out (Dammit). It's been too long since I have been on this forum.

Jared, thanks for reaching out to me yesterday...I appreciate it. You, and your family are class act folks, and can't wait to see you guys. Please encourage Sean to get this car out to the shows. Erik ( 83 Hurst Olds ) and I are to get together at the Halloween Car Show at the Funeral Museum on October 27. I sure would like to see this car there. Now I better get to work on my punch list... See you soon.
Thanks James. It's good to hear from you. Sean and I are planning to come to Freddie's next Friday 8/17 and we're planning to bring the Camaro. Dad will likely come as well. It's been good reconnecting with you recently. I'm looking forward to seeing you and your car again. I spoke to Eric recently and he was telling me about the Halloween show. I'll have to make that event and see if I can get the guys to come along.

That turned out very nicely
Thanks Micheal. I appreciate the compliment. It's not perfect but there is a lot of nice work in the car. I always feel good when my brother is driving it to work and enjoying it. I'm glad I could help him have the car he always wanted.
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